DVS Works


DVS Works specializes in water jet cutting (also known as abrasive water jet) of all kinds of materials, such as metal, stone, glass, wood, synthetic material, composite, ... With our sophisticated machines, we can perfectly cut any type of material: sectors such as aerospace, architecture, energy, medical, transport, ... all belong to the industries in which we are active.
In addition, you can also contact us for all customized metal work. We take care of developing your design, production and placement of, amongst others, hand-rails, banisters, handles, gates & fences, metal stairs, Corten decoration, garden furniture, ... DVS Works delivers high quality work.


We offer various benefits with our abrasive water jet solutions, such as:

  • Fastest cutting speeds and optimal precision compared to competitors 
  • Narrow tolerance in terms of cutting
  • Machines easily process various materials and thicknesses
  • Creates a satin-smooth edge, in other words, no secondary processing is needed
  • Does not have any problems with heat-affected zones or mechanical tension 

In order to cut a wider range of materials, from steel to titanium to foam, a granular (type of granite-stone) abrasive can be added to the jet of water, thereby increasing the cutting power of the jet.

Metal constructions

DVS Works offers a solution for all customized metal work. We can make anything that you could have in your mind. We can thus say by now that we are specialists in all customized metal work because of our experience.  You can contact us for stairs, hand-rails, banisters, handles, gates and fences, carports in metal, Corten decoration, … We supply high quality products with the highest quality standards. Request information about our possibilities!


Everything from our own workshop

We manufacture all the pieces in our own workshop. We have very modern machinery and the knowledge to execute all operations with excellent quality.


Transparent and correct price quotations

We work with clear quotations and transparent price arrangements. No additional costs or unforeseen conditions. Transparent and honest, this is how DVS Works operates. 


10 years of experience in metal

With 10 years of experience, we can boldly say that we are specialists in metalworking and applications. In addition to the water jet cutting, we take care of all customization in any metal.  


Qualitative high standards

We strive for a perfect finish in every operation. Water jet cutting occurs thanks to our knowledge that is in accordance with the industry’s best practice, but we also aim for perfection when it comes to customized metal constructions.